Friday, June 17, 2011

Room Decor and Color Inspiration

We've recently redone our kitchen floors, and I've been making new curtains, and tablecloths and things. Which has put me in a home-decorating I began studying my own room and realized a few changes for the better and brighter could be made.....

First of all - here is my room as it has been since being rearranged last winter:

I still like the arrangement - but the colors are all a bit muddled - no theme or scheme. Nothing very bright either. So -- I've come up with a few ideas to change that:

I'd like to go with a color scheme of robins-egg blue and coral pink. With pops of lavendar, celery green and buttery yellow.
My tentative to-do list for my room. Nothing too major or expensive - but I think it shall be a big improvement!
-Iron bed frame painted a robin's-egg-blue
-White chenille bedspread (which I already own), with coordinating ruffled pillow shams and throw pillows, and buy or make a new dust ruffle.
-Paint my sewing table, cedar chest, vanity stool, sewing stool, picture frames, ironing board, and bedside table various pretty and soft (but not pastel...) colors.
-Recover both lamp shades - something fun....
-Find a lovely fluffy rug for the center of the room.
-Decide if I want any kind of window treatment over the sheer curtains ( a valance....or a few whispy drapes at the top?)
- Decide what to put above the computer desk....(I'm thinking of making a pretty bulletin board with some scrumptious matching fabric...)

A color scheme wasn't hard to decide on. Two of my favorite colors (in clothing...fabric....and everything else!) are aqua blue (or robins-egg-blue) and coral pink. (both dark and light).

And those two colors together??? welll.....

Happy colors for me.

I love the idea of buying all these little pieces of delicous fabric in my favorite colors (whether they match exactly or not) and having a riot of pretty pillows on my white bedspread....

Blue bedframes!

 More color scheme:

Bright and cheery

Coral, aqua, and celery.

perfect colors!

A bit more lavendar.

and coral roses....

Well- what do you think of my color scheme and plans? Any advice or critiques would be quite welcome - any ideas for my space? Or have you heard any good decorating tips lately? :)


Abby said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

~Renate said...

I actually like the original colours. It's very sophisticated and classy. That suits the antique vibe of the room.

Colour is lovely as well but it will change the dynamic of the room.

a Matula ikrek said...

I like your new color-scheme, it will refresh your beloved old-style furniture. They are pretty but little bit too dark to your age, in my opinion.
And a bulletin board is a good idea as well, inspirational to have your plans, ideas, to-do lists in front of you (not in the drawer for exapmle). And it's so cheap and easy to make, a styrofoam plate covered in lovely fabric and any time you can change it. You can see my own here:

Atlanta said...

What a fantastic idea! Thanks!

a Matula ikrek said...

Welcome :)

Alyssa W. said...

Your color ideas sounds very pretty!! I would just be very hesitant about painting your sewing table, cedar chest, vanity stool, sewing stool, and bedside table, if they are antique and or are a lovely wood with a good finish. Just my thoughts!

Atlanta said...


Don't worry - I won't be painting any of my lovely dark wood antiques! All the items I mentioned are either cheaper (new) wood items, or were already painted when I got them (like the cedar trunk...)

Then my sewing table had a mishap with an iron that destroyed the wood finish on the entire top - so that's not a problem either. :)

thanks! --Atlanta

elle.mental said...

Your thoughts on color sound wonderful. Sheers will allow the light coming in the window to have a soft "high key" look that will add an etherial feel to the room. I hope you have fun redecorating!

Maddie said...

Gorgeous! I have a similar color scheme in my room, and I just love it. The best part is that anytime you see those colors, wherever you go, you feel at home!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous!!!! I'm wondering what I could be doing to my room now... :)

Have fun!!!

Chip said...

Atlanta! How lovely! You picked some of my favorite colors and looks. . . definitely makes me want to redo my bedroom! Thanks for sharing!

Holtnotes said...

My daughter is a very visual person - she lives in a different city than I do and called today to tell me how she wanted to do her upcoming baby girl's nursery. She kept saying mom I am not sure what to call what I want or tell anyone etc. I found your blog and sent her the link to the posting and she was ecstatic. The pictures and colors you posted are exactly what she wants to do a nursery. You did an excellent job on your post and hopefully were able to finish up your room.


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