Monday, November 14, 2011

Historical Dream Wardrobe

...or "What I Would Have Worn"....

I have been gleaning a lot of inspiration from my Pinterest files lately. There are just so many images of breathtaking original historical garments floating around in cyberspace - it's wonderful to just look and dream! Sometimes certain items will jump out at me as something that I *know* would have aboslutely been in "my" wardrobe if I had lived in a certain time period of the past.....(don't you ever get that feeling??) So, these are the items I have laid claim to, organized by era. Enjoy!

18th Century...

Perfectly charming jacket, sash, and scarf ensemble

My favorite colors - and with bows!


1790s, rose silk day dress

1810, Ball gown in bright yellow? - Yes.

1820, perfect walking dress

1820s -Everyone needs at least one crazy spencer jacket, right?

1820s-30s A day out shopping...I love the eccentric hat!


1830s soft summertime dress

1830s ruffled wrapper

1840 silk dinner dress

1840s yellow tucked sheer

1850s brown and blue. I adore this one especially!

1850s-60 wrapper. The colors are best!

Corded cotton bonnet for outdoor work

Ball gowns! 1850s-60s

Swiss waist and attached bows and sash.
This I plan to make to accessorize my next ballgown...

White sheer summer dress, accented with blue silk. Perfect in every way.


I love ridiculously frilly dresses, and this defines it - 1890s.

1905 cook's dress and apron
(yes,I think I could do some very inspired baking in this outfit....)

Sweater, 1905. So feminine and sporty!

1900s, gold and yellow Worth evening gown
1910 French silk petticoat

1910 evening dresses


1930s cotton polka dot!

1930s flowy red stripes

1942 plaid heels......:) 

Do you have any speical historical favorites? Ones that you want to create, or just like to dream about? Please share!

To see more finds, check out my Pinterest account!


Paula said...

Oh my. I would happily include some of those lovelies in my closet. Can you please tell in which museums those are located so I can oggle at some more loveliness? :)

Rowenna said...

That first 18th century ensemble is swoonworthy! I want to start wearing giant sashes with everything...:)

Marian said...

Great post--I loved looking at all the gorgeous dresses! :) I bookmarked some of them to use as inspiration in the future. I think my favorite is the blue floral 18th century gown with the bows; the fabric is lovely!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

OH WOW!! What?!? We can't have these in our wardrobe... (be prepared to hear about a revolt against modern fashion.. any one want to join? ;)
I love the yellow regency dress. I so want to make one like that! Maybe next summer.... will you help me?? ;)

Laurie said...

Great post idea! All these dresse are gorgeous, I'm drooling all over my keyboard here :P The color of the 1790's day dress is just gorgeous!

Riah said...

I love the 1810 yellow ball gown and the 1900s gold and yellow evening gown! Simply lovely. Can you tell I like yellow?

Taylor said...

Samantha at The Couture Courtesan has made a reproduction of that yellow one:
It's amazing!

Fanny said...

Wow, so many pretty things... *drewling*

Abigail said...

I love the 1840's yellow sheer! I don't like yellow (I don't look right in it) but I love the style. I'm going to have to make one like that. And I love the inspiration of putting a sash on my next 18th c. dress - there aren't many examples/patterns like that! I'd totally wear the plaid heels, but only if they were flats! LOL! I'd trip in heels.

Hana - Marmota said...

I love some of your picks a lot; that corded bonnet has been in my favourites for some time already. Blue and white cuteness always wins my heart, it seems - which makes that 1930 polka dot dress into a new favourite. Where did you find it?
I thought of linking to my favourite dresses, but then thought better of it; it would take too long to make it only into a comment. I'm going to make a similar post, if you don't mind.

Atlanta said...

Paula & Hana, if you go to my pinterest account, my pictures are arranged by era in folders, and each indivdual picture should have a link to it's original source.

Taylor, thanks for sharing the link! That is a great dress!

Lilac Bud, YES! I agree wholeheartedly!

Jordanna said...

I love the 1810 yellow ball gown and the 1840s brown silk gown! I've never seen anything quite like the yellow one, which would make it doubly cool to wear it :)
Oh and I'll join the modern fashion revolt if we get to wear these kinds of pretty dresses!!! ;)

Jessica @ Food for Thought said...

My 3 and a half year old daughter is quite in love with every piece of on this page, but especially the ball gowns!


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