Thursday, February 9, 2012

Confederate Artillery Jacket

I love making Confederate uniforms! Particularly shell jackets. Having both my oldest brothers, my Dad, and several friends who reenact in our dismounted cavalry group, I've made several. :) It's always so much fun how each one turns out so unique and different in material, style, buttons, and details. When looking at original uniforms, the creativity and variety of Southern uniforms never ceases to amaze me.

Last December I got to make my first Artillery uniform! This was for my friend Jordan who reenacts in Tennessee. After much discussion and searching through pictures of originals, we came up with one in particular that we wished to use for inspiration:

(with a few minor alterations and additions such as the epaulettes, pointed cuffs, no exerior pocket, and 9 buttons instead of 6)

For the piping fabric I used some red wool flannel that was left over from my Garabaldi ensemble. I thought it turned out to be the perfect color of red against the grey wool. It's very nice the way the piping finishes off the uniform - gives it some color and flare without being showy. :)

Block "A" buttons

We hope to all attend the Shiloh reenactment together this spring!


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