Saturday, February 18, 2012

Major Changes Coming Soon.... my Etsy shop and online sewing business.

I don't want to stop sewing as a business. I love it. But....

a few things are going to have to change.

For the past several years I've been doing lots of custom orders. While these are lots of fun, and include so much variety and interest, there are also downsides. Since each one is unique, each has it's own deadline, fabric and supplies orders, particular specifications, and so on. This is very time consuming, and the deadline-oriented sewing schedule keeps me very tied down, without much spare time to devote to family, gardening, studying, travel, and other such neccessaries. :)

So, now and in the next few months you may notice some changes in the shop! As of today, all my custom order listings are gone. I'm going to be transitioning into having a large ready-made stock of historical clothing and costume items available in a wide range of children and adult sizes. Mostly specializing in Regency and 1860s.

And it's not that I won't ever taking a custom order again, but they are just going to be the rarity, not the norm. :)

Although I'm a little sad to be getting away from accepting all the various interesting custom requests, I am really looking forward to having a schedule with more freedom, and more time to experiment with new things! (Including new historical designs for the shop)

I would appreciate your thoughts, advice, and prayers, as I try to transition smoothly into a new phase in my sewing business!


a Matula ikrek said...

You're right to do less custom-order, you wouldn't burn out and fell out of love with sewing and designing, right? I think so, just as you, that some custom orders can be inspiring but too much of them boring...
(I love that yellow dress!) :o)

elle.mental said...

Blessing to you as you branch out and taste more of life! Good for you!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I think that is a very wise decision, Atlanta. :) I agree that it must be fun to do custom orders, but, like you said, it is very time consuming.

So, good for you for making that decision! :)

Love you and miss you!! Sarah

cindy-the vintage hat shop said...

Remember-- "Change is growth". Always an exciting challenge to do things in a different way. Will be anxious to see your progress.

Nuranar said...

Wow, that is a change! But I think you're very wise to look at where your time is going, and focus on more cost-effective options. Good luck to you!

Michael Deibert said...

If you're switching to the more wholesale manufacturing method, I highly recommend checking out, if you haven't already!

Kathleen, who runs the site and also has a book out which I highly recommend as well (purchasing the book gives you a year's access to the member forum too!) "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing"

The book and the forum is extremely useful in things from costing to determine your prices, sourcing fabrics, modifying patterns for multiples, etc.

While my costuming business is on the side right now due to job issues, I've already used it to set up a model to make multiples of a garment in graded sizes to retail. The forum is extrememly useful as well!

Atlanta said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Michael! I put the book on my wish list as it really does look like a must read!


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