Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wedding Corset Finished

A few 'sneak peek' pictures of my {now finished} wedding corset:

Boned with steel and stiffened with rows of quilting.

White cotton coutil and heirloom netting lace.

Back lacing and hand-sewn eyelets.

Top and bottom edges bound with cream colored silk.

I'm actually working on my wedding dress now! It's the strangest feeling, and I'm still really scared I'm going to make some huge mistake....but I really can't put it off any longer! The wedding is now less than 3 months away.....

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share soon!


Miss Dashwood said...

So lovely! I'm in awe! Is it entirely hand-stitched or is there any machine work?

What do you use to lace up the back? It kind of looks like a shoelace-- is it okay to use a shoelace to lace a corset? I've been wanting to try that, but wasn't sure if it would be too bulky. I know you can buy cording that would be thin enough, but shoelaces seem to me to be a more economical way... heehee.

Anyway, the whole thing is quite beautiful! I love the netting lace!

abolin said...

It's Beautiful! Good luck on your dress...from the looks of your other projects it will turn out great.


Samantha said...

how exciting!!!! and your corset is lovely :) may i ask what pattern you used?

i still have lots of work to be done on my gown, and my wedding is 7 months away. i keep wanting to put it off but i know i shouldn't since i am graduating this semester and need to focus on school!

Samantha said...

lol never mind, i saw you mentioned the pattern in an earlier post ;-) i've used that pattern before and liked it a lot!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Nice!! That coutil sounds really nice for a corset. I'm thinking that next time I do mine, I should use it.
How exciting!!! I can't wait to see the dress. I would be terrified, too, but you're such a good seamstress, I'm sure you'll be fine. :)
Love ya and talk soon!

Jessica said...

Great Job! :)

Atlanta said...

Thanks so much, y'all!

Miss Dashwood, actually most of it is machine sewn, except for the binding, lace, and eyelets.

That coutil is SO thick and tight woven it would have taken some seriously buff hand sewing to go through two I decided to let my little Singer have it instead! :)

Eliza Bradford said...

I'm so impressed by your sewing skills! You are such an inspiration! For years I have been wanting to make one (I tried and FAILED once). My Great great great grandmother was a stay-maker in England in the 1840's so I was hoping some of her skill was in my obviously was too diluted to help me :)

I have loved reading your blog for the last year, and I was wondering if you have a wedding registry or a list of things you are still looking for. I would love to send you a little gift for your much anticipated wedding!

All the best,

Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

How exciting, Atlanta! I thought you would like to know that you made my list of nominees for the "One Lovely Blog" award on the Edelweiss Patterns blog! You have one of my favorite historical costuming blogs, so I was very happy I could nominate you for thi. :) You can read the full scoop here:

Happy sewing!

Atlanta said...

Sorry Miss Dashwood! Forgot to answer your other question - it is actually laced up with thin white twill tape. Usually I use the flat cotton corset lacing from (which I prefer), but i was currently out of it and couldn't afford more just now. :)

Thank you so much, Katrina! How fun!

Eliza - that is so neat! How wonderful to know such detail about your ancestry! That's very cool. You are so very sweet! I actually do have an online registry here:



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