Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Dress Update

Actually sewing on my wedding dress now!

One of my original sketches for the dress, experimenting with different sleeves. I feel safe in posting this because I unexpectedly made some radical changes in the design of the this is actually not current....but still gives you an idea. Silk taffeta under dress with a sheer white dress over. I'm getting so excited! I hope it turns out like what I have envisioned.

It's taking me longer than I thought because I decided to hand-sew the entire sheer dress. It's alot....but I know it will be that much more special when it's completed.

Reasearching styles and techniques from the 1860s has taken longer than anticipated as well. I always have so many little questions and quandries about method when I actually get down into a project, and they must be answered before moving forward!

A sneak-peek. This is *part* of the dress. The silk taffeta part. It took forever to finish - didn't help that after painstakingly hand-sewing the gauged skirt to the bodice, I decided to make a 1/2" fitting change, and had to re-do it all! But, now it's finished, and I am well on the way with the next part of the ensemble.

No sleeves or overskirt yet, but one of my first fitting looks in the mirror at the gown beginning to be complete! :)


Sarah said...

I know that your gown will be spectacular! What a special touch the hand sewing will lend. I cannot wait to see the finish gown.: )


Samantha said...

this is so exciting! i love seeing your progress!

Miss Janessa Pogue said...

Dear Atlanta, I am so excited for you!!! It looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the completed dress!!

Miss Kacy Pogue said...

Oh Atlanta I'm so excited for you. I know you can't show pictures of the dress until the wedding, so I'm on pins and needles to see it finnished.

Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Oh, that's wonderful! You must be having so much fun! I do hope you will post a video of the wedding online? And when is the official date?

PrincessR said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!!! I am SOO excited for you, Atlanta, and love being able to see how things are going with you on the wedding preparations!

I want you to know I have been thinking about you a lot and praying for you and your upcoming marriage- you are a dear friend to me, even though we haven't had all the time in the world to get to know each other!


Atlanta said...

Thanks so much, everyone!

The wedding is March 30th.

Rebecca - I know! I feel the same way, I wish we had been able to get together more in the past few years. Really have my fingers crossed that yall can come to the dance!

Amy said...

You're going to be so beautiful! Eeee!! Yeah, that research takes a LONG time! It's easy to get caught up in it. It's so sweet you're handsewing it too! I didn't have the guts...or the time! :)

Emaline Foster said...

Ooh!! I'm getting so excited for this dress. I know it's going to be absolutely breathtaking. The color is divine. And I think you're awesome for doing the over dress by hand. =] It will look so beautiful.


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