Thursday, May 30, 2013

Current Log House Pictures - Inside & Out

Latest pictures of our cozy log home! As you can see, it's not finished yet, but it's much farther along than when I last posted pictures before the wedding. Jordan, my brothers, and many friends who came and helped got an unbelievable amount done the few weeks before the wedding, so that we were able to move into the first story right away.
Lately we've mostly been working on our Dream Come True Miniature Beds business, but hope to start work on the 2nd story very soon!
I think the windows look fabulous! They make the whole house so bright and cheery.
It's the perfect size! I can't wait to move upstairs, but for not I'm having so much fun with our one-room log house!
Our wonderful double porch! Eventually we will have railings, and glass paned doors on the 2nd story.
Right now the doors and window frames are temporary. Jordan won't put in the final ones until the house completely finishes all settling, which might be up to a year.
Now, on to pictures of the inside...
Here is how it looked when we returned from the honeymoon. Yes - quite a mess. But we soon got to work making a place for our belongings.
The soon to be kitchen area.
(eventually the boarded up area is going to lead to a summer kitchen porch and a pantry)
Getting a little neater as we organize.
We move in my lovely hoosier cabinet!
Jordan bought this for me at an Amish auction last spring.
It was so wonderful to unpack all my hopechest dishes!
They have been in storage for so long, and now they will finally be used!
Enjoying the lovely wildflowers. We almost always have a varying bouquet in the house.
Lighting our lamps for the first time. 
First fire in my beloved little woodstove!
The creek floods during a heavy rain...
The first few weeks were hard as we tried to get organized, and I fought off being really sick with a nasty cold - don't know if I was just adjusting to a new climate or what...
Finally we got more of our furniture moved in out of storage and it began to look more like home...
We rearranged everything, and put the bed against one wall
to give us more room to make a sitting area.

Jordan tries out the new couch.
I have to say that I *love* my kitchen. Really love.
 It's so much fun to cook in this bright space.
Although sometimes it's a bit hard - I will be very thankful when we get running water installed!
But for now it's awfully nice to have a creek handy.
Ain't it cute?
The open shelves Jordan builtfor me. I've always been a fan of shallow open shelves as opposed to deep cabinets in a kitchen - I think it forces one to be more clean and tidy, and to keep *only* what you need. Plus you also tend to have prettier storage containers and dishes, because you look at them all the time!
Antique wooden dough box holding my rolling pins, sourdough starter, and a jar of sour milk.
A pitcher full of lilacs and bluebells.
All the chairs are antiques we bought while on our honeymoon.
The icebox! Finally up and running. Really really enjoying having refrigeration of sorts inside the house. Before we were having to store our milk, butter, and veggies in the creek! (see below...) Makes you so appreciative of just being able to reach inside a door to get your items for cooking instead of having to run down to the creek!
I love the glow of lamplight at night. So peaceful.
Just last week I finally made and hung curtains in the living room/bedroom! It gives the room a whole new feel. I used some sheer white cotton swiss dot that I had on hand.
The joist and summer beam system of the ceiling all notched into each other always impresses me. Didn't Jordan do such a good job designing our home?
Curtains inside & out.
It's been so much fun having all of our long-collected furniture in one place, and finally getting to cook and eat with the dishes I've been saving for years. I really do feel like I'm playing house, though. This is way too much fun to be work. :)


Patrizia said...

Amazing! I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful this is to me. Its as if Ive gone back in time! So sweet & beautiful, simplicity at its best, but with a romantic feel. Just beautiful! Makes me want to pick up & go & start all over. I wish that years ago when I was a young gal I had such sweet ideas.

God bless you & your husband :)

Issy said...

Atlanta, its beautiful!! It could be in Victoria Magazine!! So picturesque, and just by a creek. :) Don't know if I would be able to live without running water though. :)

Christine said...

Be still my heart. Your home is lovely!

Virginia said...

Absolutely beautiful! It seems like the perfect little cabin for the two of you. May God's peace rest upon your home! (and thanks so much for sharing!)

meghan said...

So beautiful! The house, the location, evenings by lamplight, all so amazing and beautiful. When I was a little girl I always dreamed of a home and a life in a little cabin in the woods, it's amazing to see a woman my age doing just that. Congrats to the both of you on your new life together!

Elizabeth K. said...

It's beautiful Atlanta! Those curtains turned it into a homey home, just like that.
And I see the jar!! ;-)
Looks like you've got a perfect rustic kitchen going there. So nice!

Stephanie Ann said...

It's so beautiful! It looks so homey.

Miss Virginia said...

I absolutely love your white curtains! They look so crisp and perfect against the log walls :) It seems just like Little House on the Prairie!

Anna Olivia said...

Gorgeous! I want a place just like it when I get married. :) It's truly beautiful.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

It is looking just fantastic and exactly like what I could picture you in!!! I can't wait to come up and see it in person sometime...
The curtains definitely made it perfect. I agree. The windows look SO charming!!! It really is like y'all have just stepped back in time..
(Also jealous of the 'flooding river'... it's been SO dry here...)

Love ya friend!!!! Thanks for the post. Totally enjoyed seeing everything. :)

Elle Mental said...

Your home is beautiful. It is quite a feat for a young couple. You should be very proud! You have done a great job of making it a home. I am very happy for you!

iris said...

une très jolie maison
dans la prairie
l'intérieur est bien sympathique
que de gros travaux !
edith (iris) France

Livia Rachelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous house. It is wonderful that you can make a home and live so simply, yet elegantly in an old-fashioned way.

LadyD said...

It is so exciting to see all of your dreams and long awaited hopes becoming a around you. :) It all looks lovely, you have done a beautiful job making it a home and not just a house! Thank you for sharing all the pictures! I hope you get your running water soon! Much love, friend!

The Scarlet Thread said...

Atlanta, your home is beautiful! You have made everything look so cozy and old-fashioned. Your dishes are lovely. It was such a pleasure to see all the photos you posted.

May the LORD bless and keep you both!

Miss Janessa Pogue said...

It is all so beautiful and wonderful Atlanta! It fits you just perfect and such a dream!!!:) Congratulations a thousand times! God bless you in all you do!

Miss Janessa Pogue said...

It is all so beautiful and wonderful Atlanta!!! It fits you so perfectly and such a dream!!! I loved each photo so much and it was such a blessing to see it in person:) God bless you in all you do!!


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