Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding Photo Shoots

More photos! We had several bridal photo shoots, in Texas and Tennessee both, including sisters, friends, and bridesmaid....mostly because we didn't know what the weather was going to do the day of, and we didn't want to have so many pictures to take the day of the wedding... You can see more of them on the previous wedding dress post.

My wonderful photographer was a dear friend - Sophie Covey who now has her own photography business! Do go visit her at Smile For Sophie. It was so much fun working with her - before the wedding we had started a Pinterest board with many ideas about pictures and poses, and I think this really helped us achieve what we were looking for with the pictures. We were really blessed by the weather too - most of the days it was beautifully sunny or bright and overcast. So perfect.

This was the morning of the day before:

My maid of honor Rebecca from Sewing in the Past
Dress made by herself during our winter sewing week.
My wonderful friend Desarae - visit her at Streams in the Wasteland
Sister Aspen in  an aqua blue lawn dress with petal sleeves,
a gathered fan front bodice and lots of tucks.
Littlest sister Carolina
in a pink and white pinstripe linen dress
 with a yoked bodice pattern & a blue silk sash.
When we came upon this wonderful tree, we all said we must do an
Alice in Wonderland inspired picture...
Near our wedding location there was this wonderful moss-lined sinkhole.
Which we named the 'Fairy Ring'
 it was the mostly lovely backdrop we could have imagined.
The day before the sunshine was so beautiful early afternoon, we decided to do an unplanned last minute photo shoot in the Fairy Ring, Mom took the photos for our 'just sisters' shoot:
The 'Cinderella' shot
Hope you enjoyed! We certainly had a lovely time making the memories.
I also updated the Wedding Dress post with clearer pictures of the dress
from an earlier photo shoot in February. :)


Issy said...

Absolutely beautiful photos - like a fairytale. :) I love the 'Little Women' window photo. :)

Sereina said...

Oh, Atlanta, all these photos from your wedding are so wonderful! You all look gorgeous in your dresses. I love how you all have flower crowns. Everything is so gorgeous!

Desarae said...

So gorgeous! They all turned out beautifully. It was such a joy to be there to share your wedding with you. :)

Kellie said...

This is the most beautiful, joyous, heartfelt, romantic wedding I've ever seen. I'm so happy for you all!
Atlanta, absolutely spectacular work on everything. It's just so lovely. Can't stop scrolling through these photos:) :Happy sigh!:

Patrizia said...

Just truly lovely :)

Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Oh, Atlanta, these are just wonderful! I love the one of you looking out the window, and the dresses are all so authentic. What a beautiful idea to use different colors for the girls' dresses. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

Lucy said...

Very very beautiful Pictures!
I love the one from above with you all Holding Hands (:

Unknown said...

Oh, these are absolutely darling! I love all these shots. I can tell you all have such a bond of sisterhood. So sweet! Congrats on your marriage! :)
In His grace,

Jenna C. said... all look so pretty!!! Love these pictures! :)

Emily Ann Putzke said...

ahhh I love this SO much!!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics! I so enjoy seeing them.
I especially loved that Cinderella Shot... if I write a 1860's story, can it be on the cover? ;-)
Again, thanks for sharing with us all!


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