Monday, November 11, 2013

Log House Progress

Our log home is making progress! Over the last few months we've had family and friends generously give of their time to help us get the house more winterized and finished. Hopefully you will notice lots of changes from the last pictures I posted back in the summer!
One of the biggest outside changes are the attic ends being sided in and the windows put it.
Aren't they cute!!?

The upstairs outside chinking between the logs has all been completed as well. Big step forward!

The chinking is dark in the pictures because it's still drying, when dry it is light grey like in the first floor.
Front view. It's a messy construction zone, but we are moving forward! :)
Three views of the inside of the 2nd story. One big room right now, eventually it will be divided into three rooms: The west side will be the master bedroom, the east side will be divided into two
Insulation is stuffed between the layers of chinking and wire. As of now we are getting very close to getting all the inside chinking finished as well! More pictures soon! So excited to get moved upstairs and start fixing it up. :)


Aspen Shannon said...

Look'in good! Love you

~ Aspen

Lady E. said...

How thrilling! What an adventure it must be to live the country life. I really enjoy your country living posts! :)

Emily Ann said...

Wow!! The house looks SO awesome!!

Desarae said...

Progress! So exciting to see! I can imagine it will be so nice to have your bedroom upstairs all finished, and then you can start getting it all set up and make it feel homey! :) Thanks for sharing your progress with us- I'm so glad that you have a friends that can be such a blessing and help you with the work. Lots of love!

Zachary and Kacy Pogue said...

So glad for you, Atlanta. Praise God that you are living your dream.

Boyer Family Singers said...

Hi Atlanta!

Your darling log cabin really is coming along quite beautifully! I have always dreamed of living in a log cabin, so it is awesome to see another young woman around my age be able to have her dream come true!

Also, I have been following your fabulous blog for quite Some time now. Forgive me for not commenting before! But now that I am, I want to tell you how in encouraging it has been to follow your and your husband's lovestormy over the past year, watch you get married (squeal!), and now you have a little one on the way as well as a cozy cabin to fill your dreams with!! Huzzah for you, and may God continue to bless you as you follow Him!

Thank you, Atlanta, for blessing my life through this delightful blog of yours!

The eldest sister and singer

Stephanie Ann said...

I love your house! It's too perfect.

Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh I love it! I think it's so cool that you and Jordan are building your own house! :) It must be quite exciting! Hope it gets finished before the severe cold sets in! LOL



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