Monday, April 7, 2014

Pale Green Linen Regency Dress

 A new Regency dress is listed in the shop. (finally!!) I've been working on this one since last fall. Not because it was all that time consuming, but because I've only gotten to work on it in bits and pieces, and kept having to put it away for other projects or trips. It's a wonder I didn't loose some of the pieces over all this time!

Anyways. Pale green linen in an 'apron front' or 'bib front' style. I love working with pure linen.
 It drapes and flows so nicely.

The pattern is from one found in Janet Arnold's 'Patterns of Fashion'

At the last minute I also constructed an apron to accompany it in brown linen. I most enjoy making 'everyday' Regency clothes - or actually historical clothes in general. It seems like a lot of what you see available is all geared towards representing the rich and fashionable, but I prefer to make clothing items that 'normal' people would have worn. The upper classes are often far over-represented in reenactment/sewing world.

Very small back bodice with higher waistline than the front. Makes a very elegant silhouette with the back skirt train. Because I was on-the-go a lot of the time while working on this, much of it is hand-sewn, all the exposed seams, and many of the inside ones as well.

More pictures and details at the shop listing for dress and apron.


Lady E. said...

Oh how lovely! It looks so authentic! :)

a Matula ikrek said...

Regency is so your style, Atlanta, you look cute in this lovely dress! :o)

Nessa said...

Gorgeous. :) I love everything about it from the fabric to the way the skirt drapes at the back.

McCredie Champions said...


Desarae said...

Beautiful job. :) The apron really completes the look. Love you!


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