Monday, April 28, 2014

Log House Progress - Moving Upstairs

Beginning where I left off from the last post about the house, when we were getting close to finishing the inside chinking upstairs....

When my family came up for a quick 3 day visit last November, my brothers helped Jordan put in our upstairs ceiling.

Tar paper put up first

It looked so great when they got finished! It changed the whole look and feel of the upstairs. I love the brightness of the natural wood look, but once we get the room walls in place we may decide to paint the ceilings.

Next some friends helped us get the very last of the chinking done! That was a monumental day!

 The only thing left keeping us from finishing the floor was a problem with the floorboards buckling over the center joist beam. Jordan had to rip up some of the boards and adze and plane the beam level, then replace the flooring.

After that the floor had to be finished. Before the wedding, Jordan and my brothers had bought dried oak wood and made lapped edge flooring by running the boards through multiple saws. So, since the flooring wasn't already perfectly even and level, there ended up being many boards that had slight edges that stuck up over others. Jordan ended up planing the whole floor with a hand plane. (his poor knees!)

The next step was sanding the floor - which was quite a process. In early December we rented a big floor sander to do the job - but quickly found out it wasn't going to work, as the floor not being perfectly level, threw the sander off. So, Jordan had a small handheld sander that worked pretty good, but took forever! So, we didn't have time to get it finished before leaving for Texas for the holidays. 

When we returned in late January, our first priority was moving upstairs before the baby decided to arrive. Our crowded downstairs bedroom/kitchen/living room was certainly not appropriate for lots of company and having a home brith. 

Our friends the Morgans came and stayed a week with us and helped us finish sanding the floor (among many other things!) It was a lot of dust and noise - but what a relief it was to have it finished!

(Silly guys)

After the sanding came the best part - oiling! Jordan had decided to do an oil finish so the floor wouldn't be as high maintenance as a polyurethane floor finish, and so we wouldn't have to worry about it getting scratched and banged up - when it does hopefully it will look more like an antique floor, which was the look we liked anyhow! We used linseed oil applied on with rollers - it was such a fast transformation, it brought out the colors in the oak so beautifully -we were all very pleased with the color!

We all wanted a turn helping - it was so much fun rolling the final transformation on the floor!

Done - and it looked wonderful!
As soon as the oil had soaked in enough that evening we tore apart the downstairs, and started moving furniture upstairs, and we were able to spend the night up in our real bedroom for the first time!

The guys lost no time - the next day they were hard at work getting our stairs built.

Stairs useable but still in progress (finished pictures to come)

So - we were upstairs before Marian arrived, and with stairs to get up and down! We were so happy and so thankful for all the help we were given to meet our 'deadline'!

A little peek at our downstairs, that is finally our living space, and not a bedroom!
I am preparing pictures to give you a current 'house tour' soon!


Lady E. said...

Wow, what a project! I love the photos you share of your home. So cozy and old-fashioned. What a blessing!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

How exciting!!! I love the wood floors. They look amazing. =D
Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Jordan has done such a lovely job on y'alls house!!! =D

Loree said...

Those floors are georgious! Can't wait to see more. I love your home.

Boyer Family Singers said...

The floors are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see more pics!

the Middle Sister and Singer

Stephanie Ann said...

Your house looks beautiful!

Hana - Marmota said...

You know, one day someone will be oohing and aahing at your house.
Actually, I already sort of am. Not aloud, but in my mind, I certainly am. :-)
So much work you all put into it. I think it really was worth it, it looks so perfect.

Delvalina said...

Your house is my favorite Atlanta :)

Thanks for always inspiring me.

wilma heger said...

This is BEAUTIFUL. This is what I love. I love loghouses so much,but that will never happen.I love to see the next pictures.
Love, WIlma

Patrizia said...

Its looking just beautiful!

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks so much for the house tour, Atlanta! Everybody has done such a great job with it... it's a classic!
The upstairs floor is absolutely gorgeous! Love that rich, shiny look.

Looking forward to the newer pics as well!

Nora Roisin said...

Thank you; this is all so interesting. It would be nice to hear any more about it you share.

I'm curious how warm the house is in winter. And how cold your winter has so far gotten, as well, since that matters (I'm further north).

Donna said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the details, love the steps, ceiling and floor! The finished walls look great also!
What talented husband and brothers you have!

Terry said...

It looks so beautiful. Jordon is doing a beautiful job. Bet it's so fun to work together on your own home! Enjoy!


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