Thursday, May 15, 2014

House Tour

Welcome to our house! It is still far from completed, but we are finding it so much more comfortable now that we have an upstairs and downstairs to work with.

When you come in our front door, the downstairs is one big open room, with the sitting room to the right and the kitchen to the left...

First, the sitting room. Comfy seating, books, and a wool rug.

Brass lamps and lace on an antique dough box used as a side table.

  I keep imagining how different it will look when we have the walls and floor finished! But for now, I am quite content to have such a cozy space.

Now, turning to the other side of the room we have our kitchen area.
 (please forgive the laundry drying by the fire!)

 Still one of my favorite places in the house. Big wood table, my antique hoosier dish cabinet, and always some flowers in a jar.

Don't know what I would do without my ceiling joists for storage!

Kitchen Aid, rolling pins, and vintage aprons.

If there is one thing I could collect, I would probably be dishes...

You saw right - I have a sink! Soon after Marian was born, Jordan and Laredo put in a kitchen sink! Talk about exciting stuff - in case you have never had experience with this wonderful modern invention - it. is. incredible. Even though this sink is just temporary till we fine 'the one', I LOVE IT. I feel like I have a real kitchen. The amount of work running water over a drain saves is pretty incredible. If you have a sink, be very, very thankful. I surely am!

Spices and baking items in vintage glass jars with decorative labels...

 These banners have been through a lot, first made for the Jane Austen booth event, then used at the wedding and other celebrations, now adorning my kitchen windows.

 Now, won't you come upstairs??

Our bedroom.  I really love being here, its so bright and cheery with all the sunny windows. I used the same swiss dot fabric for the curtains as I used in the sitting room, but also added a creamy lace valance.

 Mirror and lamp over the dresser.

Pom-pom trim on the door curtain 

 I love the view from this window behind my bedside table.... 
(which is actually a stack of boxes covered with a tablecloth...but you wouldn't have know if I hadn't told you!)

 Upstairs is also one big open room right now, we have curtains hung up to divide the rooms where we will eventually have walls. This is the beginning of the spare bedroom/ kids room in time. My old iron bed. The missing window is the last window we need for the house. So far we haven't been able to find one of the right size and type.

 Drum roll please! - my sewing room. This is just beginnings, but it is oh-so-nice to have a space dedicated to my work! Have a look at those fabric shelves Jordan and Laredo made me? Aren't they awesome?

 My vintage singer iron and sewing machine have a home again!

Vintage suitcases store lace, supplies, and unfinished projects.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Come visit us for real sometime!


Rebekah Markewich said...

I love it! I've been following your blog for about three years. It has been so nice seeing your life unfold! I adore your house. :)

Eva said...

SO fun! My parents are major "old-house-enthusiasts" and loved looking at all the pictures of your home :) I completely adore the idea of hanging pots and pans from ceiling joists! So clever.

Reyna Nicole said...

Oh, this was amazing! I've been on pins and needles for this post to appear, and I must say I wasn't disappointed. I am so envious of your gorgeous house, and all of the delightful things you have in it! Now I have yet another reason I want to live in Tennessee - so I can come visit you and your family and see your house in person!


Paris Graham said...

Your home looks *perfect*! Are you making the windows or buying salvage ones? We need to totally rebuild several windows here, so I'm very interested in other people's windows these days!

Sarah said...


Your home is looking beautiful! Your bedroom and sewing room are so nice and sunny. I am sure you will have fun sewing in such a lovely room. : )


Eliza Bradford said...

What a lovely home you have made. Your baby is lucky to have such wonderful parents who also have their heads on straight. :) Thank you for sharing your life with us! Keep it coming! I love it!

Paula said...

It's a lovely home. Y'all are doing a great job getting it all set up.

Samantha said...

what a beautiful home! so cozy and sweet!

Amy said...

It's so beautiful!! What a comfy, sweet place to call home.

Anonymous said...

Your house is so charming, I just love it!

Emily said...

Your house is so lovely! I really like the vintage/log cabin look and you have definitely achieved it! Congratulations on the sink, I can't imagine how hard it must have been doing kitchen work without one.

Lady E. said...

What a cozy environment! Love all your personal touches! It looks so authentic!

Naomi Bennet said...

Your house is like a dream! Everything in it seems so ridiculously perfect... same about your wedding a few years ago, btw- I was recently reviewing the pictures and I was all in awe!

Atlanta said...

thank you so much everyone! You warm my heart!

Reyna - that would be great! come right ahead!

Paris - we bought these windows, in fact there is a blog post from fall 2012 about it. they are new made reproductions with the big sash weights and all. we bought them off craigslist. However, we are looking for an antique/vintage one for our last one as I think that will be most affordable - and if we can't find one Jordan will make it. (Jordan can make anything!)

Donna said...

So homey and comfortable. Thank you for letting us see your home. I love that you have a sewing area!

Tiffany said...

Is that a Cedar Creek basket hanging in the kitchen? Would love to see your humble home in person!

Judithe Broughton said...

I've been following your blog for a while and love it! You have a gorgeous old-new :) home, it's beautiful.
I have kind of a personal question: how did you and Jordan afford to build your own house? I know of so many people who got married and immediately had to crowd into a little apartment for a couple years before they could afford a house. I love how you guys were able to build a house that you can live in all your lives right away! How did you do it?
God Bless!

Atlanta said...

Tiffany, yes, it is! We were given many of Ida's wonderful baskets for our wedding, from her personally and from others. They are the handiest things around the house for sure!!

wilma heger said...

I Love it! Thanks for the tour!
Love, Wilma

Ruth Torrijos said...

Wow, Atlanta! It's really coming along! It looks so sweet and cute and comfy and cozy and loving! lol I can tell you two love it! It just seems so "you" to me! :D


Atlanta said...

Thank you, everyone! Ruth - you are too sweet!

Judithe - Jordan had enough money saved, and worked construction in between times when he was logging/sawing to pay expenses for those 10 months. His family let him have the lumber off their land.

He and I worked our doll bed business ( for a couple of months after that and made about enough to put the house up. Most of the furnishings I had previously in my hope chest, or I bought with my sewing money during our engagement year.

Normally a log house wouldn't necessarily be cheaper than another type, but for Jordan who had access to lumber and a sawmill - it was. :) I hope that answered your question!


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