Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Refashioned Dress for Marian

What do you do when you have a shirt that is too small for you, and a cute little baby girl? Why, make a dress for her, of course! Mom had sent me this lacy top she had found at a thrift store, and it was too small for me, but had a lot of cute detailing. It struck me that it would make a cute dress for Marian, and as I started looking closer, it was the perfect shape for changing into a little empire waist dress for her.

 I took the stretchy straps of the shirt off, and started playing with the shirt, seeing how it would be best to cut it into a dress. Soon it became obvious that by overlapping and sewing the two points over the bust of the shirt to make little shoulders for the dress, and by bringing the rest of the lacy part to a point in the back, it made a perfectly shaped little bodice, and all I had to do was create armholes in the sides. 

The ribbon bow in front was a little big, so I took it off and retied it and tacked it back on.

I cut out the excess in the back, hemmed what was left, and added a button and ribbon waist tie.
The pin tuck details on the shirt were perfect for the back of the skirt!

The shirt was somewhat sheer, so I also added a sewn in petticoat of white cotton batiste, with extra laces that peeked out from under the dress hem.

When I got all done I tried it on Marian, and she seemed to approve!

She even got to wear it to church the next Sunday!

I really like how it turned out, all the lacy details were so perfect for a Marian! Its like a little Bohemian princess dress!

The back view cracks me up, because of her poofy diaper it almost looks like she has a tiny bustle!

Marian seems to like modeling Mom's creations - hopefully it will stay that way! I'm afraid there will be a lot of that in the years to come!


a Matula ikrek said...

Marian is soooo cute in her new little dress and her smile is so yours, Atlanta! :o)

Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh so adorable! That dress is lovely, Atlanta!

She's only a few months old, but that looks so like she's standing! Is she??


Rachel Nicole said...

Aw, this is so cute. She looks so much like you!

xo, rn

Sarah said...

Such a clever idea! You did a beautiful job.


Tracey Walker said...

Oh my ovaries just kicked into high gear and I'm 50! Time to start nagging my daughter about giving me a grandbaby.

The Darling Homemaker said...

You are so talented and Marian is beautiful!!!! great job sewing her dress!


Amy said...

She is just incredibly adorable. I love her little smile; her personality is coming out!

Livia Rachelle said...

This is a precious idea. May I pin the dress to Pinterest?

Desarae said...

Awww!! Too much cuteness!! What a great refashion, it looks fabulous on her- so, so, so cute! The details are so darling. Great job!

Donna said...

So creative, and so cute on little Marian.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Oh how precious!! She is just adorable! And getting so big!!! =D
Love the dress. That is such a brilliant idea... got to tuck that away in my memory for if I get the chance to do that. =D
Love ya and miss ya! We need to call and chat sometime!

Tina Jean said...

Atlanta, your little Marian is just darling. She is going to be one beautifully dressed little girl!

Atlanta said...

Thank you, all!! :)

Livia, of course you may! :)

Boyer Sisters said...

Goodness gracious! I can't believe how big Marian has grown since last we saw pictures of her! She looks so spritely and interested in everything around her, and I can see so much innocent love in her eyes when she looks behind the camera at you, Atlanta! She is a precious little girl. :)

The way you fixed up that too-small-of-a-shirt is beautifully done. Ha ha! It does look like she has a little bustle in the back! Too sweet!

Much love,

The eldest sister & singer

Livia Rachelle said...

Thank you; I didn't see any pin button, so I thought I would ask.

The Wright Family Farm said...

Oh how sweet! The dress is so cute and Marian is so beautiful in it! :)


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