Monday, June 9, 2014

Blue Silk Victorian Ball Gown

I recently finished a mid-Victorian ball gown for my Etsy shop. It is a blue-pink shot silk taffeta. The fabric was originally ordered for a custom dress for a client, but when I got the bodice and skirt cut out, I realized that I wouldn't have enough fabric to complete the dress. So, I ordered one more yard, in the mean time got the bodice and skirt near completion. However, when the extra yard arrived, there was a horrible sinking feeling when I saw it. It was *technically* the same fabric - a blue/pink shot, but the weave was such that it looked much darker and had more pink tones - it just wasn't a match. So - unable to get any more of the exact shade of the first fabric, I had to completely re order for the custom dress, and I had a blue silk bodice and skirt that I had to do something with, and absolutely no matching fabric to work with. Yikes!
Finally I decided on a design, and I made it up into a differently designed ballgown. I think it turned out rather well - I'm pretty pleased with it! It's now for sale in my shop.

Since I had no extra fabric for sleeves and trim, I used sheer cotton voile to make little puffed sleeves, and for trim went with a gorgeous piece of netted lace that had been in my stash for a while. The ruched trim was the darker shot silk.

This was my inspiration for the fabric and trim - 
an original dress found on my 1850s-60s board on Pinterest.

 I love the creamy white with the bright blue tones! In fact, I was a bit sad to use this lovely piece of lace on a dress I was going to sell, as I would have loved to use it on a ball gown for myself (shame on me! lol), but it was just what the dress needed.

If you know anyone who is in the market for a new ball gown, do send them over!
This dress wants to dance!


Lady E. said...

Wow, this is stunning! You are incredibly skilled. Very well done! :)

Desarae said...

GORGEOUS! A wearable piece of art- the lace really makes this dress wonderful! I love the way it turned out with the improvision for the yoke/sleeves. :)

Sarah said...

What an absolutely gorgeous dress! I love the color, and the lace is the perfect accent. I am sure whoever purchases the dress will love it!


Mariah Michelle said...

That dress is absolutely scrumptious!! I just love it! And that lace, so stunning!

McCredie Champions said...



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