Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Favorite Recipe Source

I love to cook. I love to bake even more. Whenever I get the urge to stir up something delicious, I have a formidable pile of recipe-books, some new, some old, some homemade, to choose from. But - sometimes I want to find something new, so I can expand my culinary horizons and surprise the family with a sweet treat.
Several years ago, while searching for new recipes, I stumbled upon Joy of Baking. What a find! It has proven to be an invaluable source for recipes that are reliable, have excellent directions - and best of all scrumptious magazine-worthy pictures of the final product. (I love that. It's so hard to choose something new to make when you can't see what it looks like!) Anyway - I hope you enjoy the fresh recipes and inspirations as much as I do!


Nibs said...

The third picture of the cookies looks very like a recipe I used to follow for "Jelly Biscuts". They were delicious! Have you tried this recipe yet?

Atlanta said...

Those are 'Linzer Cookies' - basically a shortbread, and yes, with a berry jelly spread inbewteen. I tried them at Christmas, and they were very good! I think next time, I may try using Lemon Curd instead of jelly!

Caroline said...

Oh wow! Everything looks so good! What a great resource. Have you been to The Pioneer Woman? She has really good recipes too.

WesternWoodburner said...

Those star cut-out cookies look pretty.


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