Monday, February 1, 2010

'Emma' Hairstyle

I love the hair style tutorials over at Rapunzel's Resource. My hair is about waist length - and not layered, so sometimes it is hard to find new and pretty styles. This is my favorite one so far that I have tried with the tutorials. It is from the Gweneth Paltrow Emma movie. Instructions are here. I love it because the hair is all coiled semi flat to the head, so the weight is distributed evenly. (No headaches!)


Nibs said...

Wow, that looks really nice Atlanta! My hair is waist-length too, but I'm always too lazy to do these, lol. ^_^

BTW, have you been watching Emma on PBS? I've really been enjoying it!

Atlanta said...


We don't have TV, but I did see Emma on YouTube a while ago. It was pretty good. Definately different than the other versions, but good! What did you think about it? My only problem was that Emma seemed a little too juvenille and over-the-top. Have you read the book?

Nibs said...

Don't blame you for not having TV - when I start my own family I think we won't have one or it will be very restricted viewing....


I'm going to do a full-length review at my blog when I finish the series, as I'm watching it in the weekly installments on PBS, but I like it a lot and am really surprised that so many people seem to dislike so much! Like you, I do think the character of Emma is a little juvenile, but it kind of points to the fact that she's spoilt - she's in the upper class, but she lacks "class", sort of, and has to learn it from Knightley. :) I don't really mind that so much of the dialogue was changed either, as that seems to be the norm in current BBC shows (think Bleak House) so Austen should be no exception. I really love the outfits they wear in this one!

I have read the book, and I also saw the ITV version, but so far I like this one much better and I think it suits the style of the book better - though she's a bit immature I think Romola Garai's Emma isn't as obnoxious as Kate Beckinsale's. Have you seen any other versions? I'd like to see the one with Gwyneth Paltrow sometime. :)

Atlanta said...

Yes - I've seen the Gwyneth Paltrow version, and the old old BBC version. I think the Kate Beckinsdale one is actually my favorite. Although - the story of Emma was never the Austen book I most apprectiated. Emma is just the type of heroine I can relate to.

Fiddlin Girl said...

I loved that hairstyle too, but haven't actually tried it. Thanks for posting pics, though. now that I know someone else could do it, I can too! ;)
I love the Kate Beckinsdale version of Emma! though, I have to say that the Gwyneth Paltrow version is really funny too. Becca and I watched it just recently, actually.. :)
Hugs to everyone there! we miss you guys!


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