Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Women

The Little Women Event was tons of fun! Thanks Rebecca for asking me to be a judge! I loved getting to see everyone's entries. For the larger categories it was so hard to decide on my top two choices. Each and every one was lovely and unique! As soon as all the judges send in their top two picks to Rebecca, you will be able to vote on your favorites. So be sure to get involved in choosing the winners! I look forward to seeing the final results!


Nibs said...

Hi Atlanta! I love the pics you chose for this post! Do they really have to do with Little Women?

Atlanta said...

'ello, Nibs!

Aren't they great? They don't actually have to do with Little Women, but the first could certainly be Jo and Laurie, couldn't it? The titles and dates are as follows:

'The Courtship' 1864-5 by Lambdin
'The Initials' 1864 by Homer


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