Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Cook Books!

For Christmas I recieved a set of wonderful little books by Barbara Swell. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves cooking, history, and all things old-timey! Besides being full of great recipes (many unchanged from the original recipes handed down from generation to generation), every page is gorgeously decorated with tintypes, CDVs, and black-and-white illustrations pulled from old fashioned books and ladies magazines. So it's great - I can look for a new recipe, and do costume research at the same time!
The author also includes various tidbits of old-time lore and Southern wisdom - and little true stories that often have me laughing out loud. Excellent for just a good read by the woodstove - and for a great recipe resource! Published by Native Ground.


Fiddlin Girl said...

Neat!! I love those recipe books that have a little humor in them as well (the little stories) and pictures! So, when we come over for sewing week we might be pouring over.. recipe books? ;) lol haha. that is great! If you find any you really like, be sure to send them a long! ;) lol

Love and miss you guys!!! Give hugs from the herd


Rebecca said...


Hey, lovin the little women event thing you made! very pretty! ;)

Atlanta said...

Thanks Rebecca! Although...I noticed after I had posted the banner,that '.com' was cut off. Oops!


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