Friday, March 5, 2010

New Pink Linen Ruffled Skirt!

This little ruffled version of my favorite skirt has been floating around in my head for several months - and it finally found a chance to escape when I heard about the Ruffle Your Stuff contest... (do go and check it out!)

I have four linen skirts made from this super-easy 8-gore pattern that I drafted from one of Mom's favorite old jean thrift store skirts. One brown, one periwinkle blue, one gray/green, and now - pink!    With ruffles!
Perfect since I made it in time to enter the Ruffle Your Stuff contest! A double row of pleated ruffles finished off with a bias band of self-fabric. All skirt seams are flat-felled for zero fraying. (we don't want Henry Tilney to say it won't wash well, do we? In case you didn't know, he has such and understanding of linens, not just muslins...) Buttons up front placket with some little mother-of-pearl....well - buttons. Of course.

The ruffles I made with a handy-dandy 'ruffler' attachment on my vintage Singer 221 featherweight machine. It can be set for gathering or pleating.

Help! Death by ruffles!

The pieces of antoher handy attachment - the buttonholer!

Like it? I think it will look nice in summer with a floral tee and sandals, too!


-Bess- said...

You did a great job! It's so cute! Wish I could sew my own clothes, but I don't seem to have that talent. Your blog header's lovely, too!

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

So lovely Atlanta!! I just love a feminine ruffly skirt ;). And the color is a favorite of mine.

You crack me up in you right up. Yes, I believe Henry T. would approve!
I need to email you about Beaumont Ranch. I so want to go, what is it looking like for you all??

Rebecca said...

I love it my friend! And so perfect for the Ruffle your stuff contest! I have a few ideas for it, but I haven't had the time! And I also believe Mr. Tilney would approve (hee, hee...he makes me smile :) haha! Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon!


Amy said...

LOVE it! That is so cute!

Fiddlin Girl said...

Aw, that is absolutely adorable!! I love it!!!! :) However, seeing you sitting on your bed made me miss you a lot, for some reason.. ;) Well, I guess that is a good thing.
Ok, where is this ruffle thingy you wer talking about? I probably missed the link, as always.. *rolls eyes* Any way, I will have to check that out, even if I am too late to enter. I absolutely LOVE ruffles!! They are essential. ;) lol!
Love and miss y'all tons!

Fiddlin Girl said...

Oh, meant to ask, have you tried your really cute 50s shoes with the skirt?? I think it would look really adorable. :)

Love ya,

Nina said...

You know, I don't even own one skirt of mention? I would love to have something like that, I could definitely see wearing it! <3

Wonderland21 said...

That is so cute! You did a great job. BTW, nice shoes! I have the same pair. ♥

Allison Elizabeth


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