Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3: Ruffles and Heels

My outfit for today features many feminine details - but the suit-like jacket keeps it from being too frilly. Ideally the skirt should be about knee-length for this outfit.


'GAP' floral fitted corduroy jacket - hand-me-down from my Granny (I have a very fashiony gran!)
'Harolds' chocolate brown boat-neck tee - Thrift Store
'Pink linen ruffled skirt - Made by me with fabric bought clearance online
-'Vera Wang' brown cable knit tights - Kohls
'Candies' brown heels (that I think look so 30s-40s) - Kohls


Beth Ann said...

The skirt is so vintage looking. :) And I love those shoes, very pretty. :)

Fiddlin Girl said...


The skirt is way too cute with that jacket. And those shoes are really just so darling. I need to see if I can find myself a pair..

Love and miss ya!


Bets said...

What a lovely, feminine look.

Amanda Flynn said...

I love the ruffle on the skirt... and those shoes are fabulous! :)

~AnneGirl~ said...

pretty skirt!


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