Saturday, March 27, 2010

Of flowers...

Just now I was sitting on our couch, stitching little linen ruffles into cute posies to adorn my  new dress. When I began thinking - the flowers I am making don't even compare with God's flowers. As cute as they are, they are just pitiful little copies of what God created. It reminds me of how the righteousness of our poor little human selves doesn't even compare with God's goodness. That's why we need Him so much.

I LOVE staring at flowers. They are so cool. I hardly ever take pictures - but I love doing close-ups of flowers. Each tiny exquisite detail, petal, line absolutely intrigues me. Have you ever noticed that the delicate petals actually glitter in the sunlight? Go outside sometime and stare at a flower - really look at it like you have never looked at it before. Flowers never cease to amaze me. You will be amazed too. God is good.


Real Life Reslers said...

God IS good. The other day I ate like, the BEST pear ever. And I thought....God comes up with the best ideas! LoL
It's little stuff like juicy pears and flowers that are the best reminders of how great He is.

Fiddlin Girl said...

yes, yes, yes! God's flowers are the best, no matter how well we do to imitate them (even those who do a really good job), they are never the same. God was SO creative and I love that! Come this spring when we have flowers, I love to just sit in the flower garden and do school- though I am afraid not much school gets done as I sit out there watching the bees, butterflies, clouds, etc. ;) Still I love watching nature. Simple things fascinate me, so imagine a complex flower staring me in the face... ;)lol!

Love and miss you!!! Sarah

B.K. said...



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