Friday, July 9, 2010

Bride Costume

Here are a few pictures of a costume I just sent off to an Etsy customer. Her little girl wanted to be a bride for Halloween this year! What a cute idea. I had so much fun working on this!

(the dress is too small for my sister, but you still get the effect)

Dress materials are a lovely duchess satin and a scrumptious smooth lacey sheer.

The under skirt has growth tucks - to be let out when more length is needed!

The headpiece is attached to an elastic headband - quite comfy.

White pearl and braid trim.

White hydranga bouquet

Veil is gathered to head-piece and has two layers.

Skirt is extremely full and swishy. Under layer of satin is pleated and over layer is gathered.

Now my sis is asking for one of her own.......oh dear. :^)


The Younger Rachael said...

Wonderfully done! And its so green; have you gotten as much rain as we have?

Abby said...

What a lovely dress! You made it, right?

Abby :D

Atlanta said...

Rachael, thanks! Yes, we have had a ridiculous amount of rain lately! I feel like I'm in Tennessee or something....

Abby - yes, I did make it!, thanks!

Gail said...

That looks so lovely. I love the veil. How come real wedding dresses are not all comfy and fun?


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