Friday, December 16, 2011

Now Available - Design Your Own Edwardian Dress Kit!

At long last! The latest installment in the 'Design Your Own Dress' Series is here!

A beautiful kit that historical costume enthusiasts and girls of all ages will enjoy! Pages of designs ready to trace and color to create your own unique drawn ensembles!

Using tracing paper to take the drawing step by step, start with the model attired in proper Edwardian undergarments, then add a skirt, bodice, trimmings, hat, an apron, and much, much more! The possiblities for creativity are endless. Mix, match and trace to create thousands of unique ensembles, all historically correct for the era of Anne of Green Gables! 

Included in the kit:
-6 glossy cardstock sheets with black and white drawings, featuring a Model, Hairstyles, Skirts, Bodice Options, Fabric Designs, Hats, Trimmings, Jewelry, Accessories, Jackets, and more!
- 12 sheets of tracing paper
- 1 sheet of historical notes, descriptions, and instructions

All pages professionally printed on high quality paper.

Comes packaged in a handy clear plastic zipper pouch.

Kit enables you to design your own turn-of-the-century fashion drawings - perfect for young artists, historical fashion lovers, or seamstresses who want to visualize their designs!

Below are just a few of the endless dress designs possible!


I have to say, this kit is my favorite of the series so far! I love all the eccentric, lovely hats from the turn of the century, and the classic flowing lines of the dresses! (and who could forget the great hairstyles and 'puffed sleeves' of which Anne was so fond! :)

If you are still Christmas shopping for the perfect gift for a friend or sister who is a historical costume lover, seamstress, or artist, there is still time for holiday shipping to US addresses!

Please take a look and let me know what you think of the latest Dress Designer kit!


Elizabeth K. said...

Looks nice, Atlanta! That would be a lot of fun, especially for young-ish girls. I know my sisters and I would have gotten hours of good times out of something like that when we were little.
Good job!

Rosie said...

Wowo Miss Atlanta! YOu have done yourself pround! Lovely job, daer :)

In His Wings said...

It is a beautiful kit! I have always been in love with Anne's clothing. It would be a great way to help visualize future projects. Wonderful job!

God bless,
Sarah Grace

Naomi said...

WOW!! I LOVE it (: Congratulations (:

Amy said...

Oh this is great! I love it!

Rosie said...

lol, I just re-read my comment...and I wish that I could have the excuse that I, "didn't have my glasses on"! I can't believe my typing was that off!
Hopefully it made even a little sense ;)

Nuranar said...

Off topic, but I think I've found the BBC program that was filmed at the Jane Austen convention:

There's supposed to be a preview clip that was filmed there, but it's loading very slowly for me right now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello from a UK lurker!

I watched "The Many Lovers of Miss Jane Austen" last night! There was a brief clip towards the end of the programme of you and your friend looking at one of the dresses at your stand with Professor Amanda Vickery, but we didn't get to hear your interview- waaa!

Oh well, it was still a good programme!

Merry Christmas,


Atlanta said...

Ginger and Kate,

Thanks for sharing!I had forgetten to look this up, so I really appreciate yall filling me in! That's very exciting!! :)


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