Monday, December 26, 2011

Update on the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival 2012...

Hi all! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

I feel like my life has been turned upside down, but blessed beyond belief since I last wrote here! And I can't believe it's already after Christmas!

But, I have some rather sad news to relate. Due to being urgently called to work out of town for a couple of weeks (without internet access probably), I've decided that I will have to delay the 2012 Historical Costume Inspiration Festival, as I just won't have time this month to properly organize and care for such an event. However, don't stop planning and working on your projects, I plan to reschedule soon, and will let everyone know when!

Have a blessed New Year!



Lauren said...

Wow, I'm actually sort of glad that you are delaying it, as I just found out about it a week or so ago! I will be glad to have some more time to work on my projects:) Happy New Year!

Marlene E. said...

I have a question which doesn't necessarily pertain to this particular post but to the contest itself; could I enter something that I made last summer, or do I have to enter something that has been made specifically for this contest?

Sorry if that was really random, but I just had to know. :D

Miss Rose said...

Merry Christmas!
Love your blog! i thought that you might be interested in joining my sister and me in our blog party of twelve days of christmas films!

Jordan Elizabeth @ Heavenly Princess said...

On the one hand, I'm sorry it will be delayed. On the other, I'm glad that I will have more time to work on things! :) in fact, I just found a dress I would love to recreate... I just might have time now!


Chip said...

Atlanta, Oh dear. I do wish you the best and hope that everything goes well. No matter when the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival will be, I will look forward to it.
I completely understand how life can throw the unexpected at you.

Hana - Marmota said...

It's definitely better to delay it so you can organise it properly and enjoy it yourself! Good luck with your work.

Modest Costumes For Women said...

At lest it is just being put on hold, and not totally scrapped.

Anonymous said...

You too.

Caytlin Sebo


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