Thursday, March 22, 2012

Texas Skies

Pictures taken within the last few days.
Now tell me Texas isn't blessed with the most vast and beautiful skies?

It's amazing to me how, even in such a thouroughly messed up and corrupted world as ours, so much of God's created beauty shines through, if we will just take the time to see it.


Hope's Treasures said...

That is vast and beautiful. I love the second photo lovely
Rachel Hope

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Loved all the pictures, Atlanta! We have some pretty skies over here, too, but we sure don't have all that pretty green stuff on the ground!! Where did you get that?? ;)

Atlanta said...

That is actually our wheatfield - we have had such a good winter, with rain & snow + warm weather at just the right time for it.
Miss you! Call me sometime!

Miss Janessa Pogue said...

Wow! How Awesome! Isn't God's creative mind absolutely amazing! Great photography! I love the second photo!!! Absolutely amazing!

Brooke said...

Oh goodness! Those are all gorgeous shots! Makes me want to visit your lovely state all the more. :D I don't often see skies that like around here. God's wonderful creation is so refreshing!


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