Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Kitchen by Lamp Light

      Just thought this was a pretty scene. Jordan is working late this evening in the shop.  I've been cleaning, organizing and doing laundry all day. Its nice to look around in the soft light as I putter around with getting a fire going and supper started. A few coyotes are howling in not too distant vicinity.  It's been a work day and a good day. Thank you, God. 


Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh yes, Atlanta, what a pretty scene! I'm glad God is blessing you guys!


Elle Mental said...

Lovely moment :)

Aspen Shannon said...

Beautiful picture. I cannot wait to come visit y'all.

Love you

~ Aspen

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Beautiful!! :) It definitely suits you, I think. :)

Lady E. said...

So lovely. I am always admiring your simple lifestyle. My husband and I dream of homesteading one day.

Rachel Nicole said...

I love this! I love how your life is so different from mine, and I love your posts so that I can peek into it.



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