Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oktoberfest Yard Sales

Yesterday we had a fun day spent with friends - yardsale-ing!
Apparently it is a local tradition with two towns that the road in between them is filled with yard sales and vendors come the weekend of Oktoberfest every fall.
(I think I'm going to like this tradition very much...)
It was so big that there was no way in the world we could see it all in one day. Jordan said we probably saw about a third of it - and we put in a pretty long day! We would park and walk up a ways and back down then drive up a little ways more...
It wasn't long before we began accumulating a little stash of purchases. I had a list of small things, craft items, baby things, and such that I was looking for. Found quite a few of them! Jordan had a list of tools and items for the house.
Too much stuff to see!
Yes, a baby bump picture. Really starting to show - all of the sudden seems like!
Also been feeling baby kick and move this past week for the first time!
When we got home we spread the 'loot' out on the bed.
I came away with
-a few pieces of maternity clothes
-2 baskets
-2 lengths of fabric
-3 pieces of clothing to refashion into baby items and pillows
- a copy of 'Wild at Heart'
-5 little newborn outfits (we aren't going to find out if baby is a boy or girl, so don't draw any conclusions!)
-an antique style stone 'tooth powder' jar
I was tickled to pay scarcely more than a dollar for any of the items!
Jordan found:
- a vintage Stanley thermos
-some ammo
- an auger
-a potato masher and a strainer
- a wooden adze handle
and we both decided to get some apples and pumpkins from some of the produce vendors. :) I've got some soup and some pies planned from those good-lookin' pumpkins!
I am already rather looking forward to doing it again next year!


Ruth Torrijos said...

O YAY! Baby bump and kicking! :D I'm so excited for you guys! Such cute clothes! I absolutely CANNOT wait for pics of the little one! I think it'll be a boy, I don't know why!



Desarae said...

This looks like so much fun! Ahhh!! I love the baby belly!!! :D It makes me all excited and giggly!

Thanks for itemizing your list of treasures, it was fun to read through what you got. Oow, I can't wait to see what you make with the fabric and baby refashions.
Have you read Wild at Heart before? It is a great book- really helped me understand guys a bit more. :) Yum, those pumpkins look wonderful- I've been wanting to get my hands on some for several weeks now. Be sure to share your recipes with us! Sending love your way!

Rachel Nicole said...

Looks like fun! Love your blog!


Kellie said...

So excited to see a baby bump photo - absolutely beautiful! And that Stanley thermos is a fabulous find - they're so hard to find these days. Capital loot! :)

Patrizia said...

So happy for you both! How wonderful & blessed it is to know a little one is coming! All the best to you :D

Suzanne said...

Im so behind on baby things! Im shy of buying any baby clothes just yet because I wont know how big my kid will be, but I have plenty of patterns ready to whip out when time comes! My little on is kicking all the time! Im happy you are feeling yours now! I wont know the sex until the shower, but Id rather not know at all. :)

Zachary and Kacy Pogue said...

Oh Atlanta, I can't imagine how excited you are for the new Goodwin!!!! So glad you found all those things. We pray for you all daily.

Edelweiss Patterns said...

How neat, Atlanta! I'm so glad you're finding fun activities to do in your new hometown! Praying for you and the baby. :) You're doing a great job at all the huge adjustments you've made the last few months, so keep up the good work!

Love and blessings,

Lilac Bud Gal said...

How fun! Wow, that must've been a HUGE vendor 'road'... ;)
Yay for baby bump pictures!!! You look just lovely!!! :) And Jordan looks like one proud man. :)
Love ya!!

Amy said...

Oh the baby bump is just too adorable!!

wilma heger said...

o,how nice such days!! I can spend there hours too!!.Nice if you can see that you are expecting.
Last I was in a second hand store and thought at you. There was a awesome nice swinging cradle. Beautiful. It was a silent auction. But you guys live to far away. We live in Canada.
Enjoy your weblog.
Love and \God bless.

Rebecca Ann said...

LOVE the baby bump picture!!!! You 3 are adorable. :) I <3 yard sales as well! Now I want to go find one locally, but I do not need any more stuff. :)

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Atlanta,

I so enjoy reading your blog! It was so fun seeing the pictures and neat to hear about your yard sale adventures! :)

Oh, you and Mr. Jordan must be getting so excited!! :) When is your due date? Have you been doing a lot of baby clothes sewing? :)
My cousin and cousin-in-law had their first baby on the 2nd!!

Hope to hear from you again soon. May God bless you with understanding of His word, and may He shine His face upon you, as you seek to know Him!

~Martha Joy
Psalm 119:165

Lori Greene said...

Hi Atlanta!
I have really enjoyed reading your blog!
If you dont mind, I would like to request a post on how you do pin curls in your hair. I saw a post a while back in which you did them, and I would really appreciate some guidance before I jump in with my own!
Thanks so much, and congratulations on your growing family!


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