Monday, August 2, 2010

Dresses! Everywhere!

If you could have seen my room over the weekend. It looked like a crazy vintage, whimsical wedding/costume shop. There was 3 vintage wedding dress, 2 other vintage dresses, a 1860s wool wapper, a mermaid costume, hanging or laying around the room, and an Alice in Wonderland creation on my dressform. *whew*

My latest and greatest find from a resale shop. The most adorable 50's wedding dress ever. As you may be able to tell by my frozen smile - I. Can. Hardly. Breathe.
But I did manage to squeeze into it long enough for pictures!

I did do a tiny bit of refashioning on the dress. The neckline was originally higher, but the lace was ripped in several places. (from it not being hung properly from the inside loops, I'm sure) So, since there was a line lower down in the lace where it was finished in scallops, I decided to cut it off to there. It worked great! You could never know it wasn't bought that way! Quite a pretty effect too!

It's also kind of unique because it doesn't have a train. (which I like) Definatley makes it more wearable.
What do you think?

The other shop find:
A vintage 70s classical wedding dress about a size 12-14. Very pretty too!

Now for something completely different....

I had a custom request from an Etsy client to replicate the above dress from the new Alice in Wonderland movie. (which I haven't seen yet) So - it was definately a fun project!

I like the ruching on the overskirt. It reminds me of 18th c. dresses. Also the shimmery effect of the red tulle over the black ruffle is nice.

Well - that's what I've been up to. How about you?


Sereina said...

I love that 50's wedding dress. So beautiful!

Abby said...

Wow! Those are wonderful! I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland either.

Abby :D

Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

This is just adorable!!!I love the all of the dresses!!!

Celine said...

those are so GOREGEOUS! My faves in your shop. I mean it!

I love both wedding dresses. I would totally go for the first one... the second one is very much like my younger sister's style. :) Perfect for a beach wedding, yes? It would be a lovely sundress too....

The Alice dress is awesome. You are very talented :)

you know, you could enter it in Almost Alice week... it ends the 7th....

The Younger Rachael said...

the 50s wedding dress is lovely, but I love the 70s dress! That I could imagine in a tea length as a Sunday/dress up dress. Perhaps for a summer tea party.

Anna Olivia said...

What a charming wedding dress! ~*~

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know this or not, but I think in the movie that dress was made out of a curtain. ( :


Elinor Dashwood said...

The wedding dress looks/sounds (by the description of the original collar) very similar to my Grandma's wedding dress! It's beautiful!

Joanna said...

Very cool!

I LOVE that 70s wedding dress, it looks so swingy.


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