Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing: Design Your Own Regency Dress

Now available!

The companion to Design Your Own 1860s Dress!

A beautiful kit that Jane Austen fans, historical costume enthusiasts and girls of all ages will enjoy! Pages of designs ready to trace and color to create your own unique ensembles!

Start with the model sketch attired in proper Regency undergarments, then add a skirt, bodice, trimmings, shawl, a bonnet, and much more! The possibilities for creativity are endless! Mix, match, and trace to create thousands of unique ensembles, all historically correct for the Napoleonic era. Have fun designing dresses while learning about the fashions of the time period.

Included in this package:
6 sheets of black and white drawings featuring:

a Model, Hairstyles, Skirts, Bodice Options, Fabric Designs, Hats, Bonnets and Caps, Bodice Trimmings, Chemisettes, Spencers, Robes, Shawls, Jewelry, and more!

12 sheets of tracing paper, 1 sheet of notes and instructions

Also great for seamstresses who want to learn how to put their designs on paper!

So many combinations! Recreat your favorite Jane Austen characters or plan your next sewing creation!

Watch the short how-to video to see how the dress designer works!
(Also shows sneak peaks of the Regnecy kit!)


~Miss Raquel said...

What a sweet blog, dear! I love it already! :) So glad I stumbled across it (through Nina at Wickfield Chronicles)...
since I'm already here, I thought maybe I could let you know that I am holding a Narnia fashion event at my fashion blog. If you're interested, please click the following link to find out details, etc.


Many blessings, dear!
~Miss Raquel

Hana - Marmota said...

I want this! *sigh* I'll have to figure out how to get it from overseas...

Bethany Lynn said...

so beautiful! What a great resource!


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