Thursday, January 20, 2011

Faces from the Past II

So, after the recent post about my CDV collection, I ended up searching 'cdv' on Etsy - not a good idea. There were so many cute ones - several in particular which looked like they needed a loving home. So - how could I refuse? Meet the newest members of the collection:

These two are from Etsy seller maclancy
(she even added in an extra 1870s CDV for free!)

{C. Dart, Bennington, VT.}

'Ruth' has a smart outfit of pinstripes (notice the bit of trim following the pointed waistline) - finished off with  starched white cuffs and collar, a broach, and a hairnet trimmed with a ribbon bow.

{JAs. De Maus, Photographer, 25, S Hanover Street, Edinburgh}
This picture of "Flora" is all the way from Scotland!

She's quite a beauty with her glossy light brown ringlets and fashionable dress.

I wonder what book is on the table?

Notice how her sleeves are slashed and piped, to show the white undersleeve peeping out, then buttoned to the cuff. The bodice also has a pleated peplum in the back. The front is trimmed with fancy black lace and braid.

Penned on the back is 'April 1865'

The three are from Etsy seller Happy Steiler

{A. Hickcox Gallery of Art, Binghamton, NY}

Little Alice who is very proud of her grown-up hoopskirt.
She has short, unevently cut hair, a gathered bodice, bishop sleeves, and a pleated skirt with a very mod braided design over the growth tucks.

This is actually a tintype, not a CDV.
Since there is no paper label on the back, I don't know where she is from.
She is lovely, though, don't you think?
Her name is Elsie.
She has a cute, plump sweet face topped by a fashionable pillbox hat and a cluster of pink blossoms.
Notice how the dress fabric is darker in the folds, and quite light in the smooth areas? This could mean it was a sheer dress - dark dotted sheer fabric on top of white petticoats showing through.

{A.M. Allen, Photographer, Corner Center and Market Streets, Pottsville, PA}

Now, this is a rather humorous photo.
John, on the left looks bored, little Mary a bit frightened of the stern photographer, and tragic looking Jesse seems to be ready to burst into tears if he has to stand by and not muss his good clothes for another minute.

Look closely at the detail on baby's dress - lots of ruffles and I can even see some cording or tucking on the underside of the petticoat. Velvet cape, fur muff, and a knitted (?) hood. Cute!

One boy wears a shirt with a pocket buttoned to the waistband of his trousers, and the other has a smart little vest and coat, knee pans, and a crooked striped bow-tie. :^)

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Robin's Egg Bleu said...

CDV's are addicting aren't they? I realized I'd amassed hundreds before I said "the madness has to STOP". No more CDV's! But I still save the really great images I find on my computer for reference.

Rowenna said...

Love these! Especially the last one--those kids look like mischeif on wheels trying to hold still!


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