Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the sketchbook of the sky

A few pictures that we borrowed from the sketchbook of the Creator - the sky-

I think He does amazing work.

What is man that God is mindful of him?

All the things that seem important and worrisome as we sit in our homes, seem like nothing when we look at the vast sky and realize that no matter how things seem to us, locked into time and space as we are, God is still in control and we have the promise that if we have the blood of Jesus as our plea - we will triumph in the end. I think that is an amazing comfort.


Anna Olivia said...

Beautiful words, Atlanta! I love the sky dearly, and I thank the Lord for giving us such beauty and assurance through it. <3

Mary said...

That is beautiful. Your photography is wonderful! I completely agree with this post. Looking at the sky and all of the magnificent, natural things around you make you realize how unimportant some things actually are. Thanks for a great post!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Oh, abosolutely beautiful!! There is not better artist out there. Beautiful words, Atlanta! :)

Thank you for sharing! I hope we can see you all soon!

Love, Sarah

Rowenna said...

A beautiful reminder--"when I in awesome wonder; consider all the works thy hand has made..."


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