Monday, May 31, 2010

Civil War Reproduction Knitting/Crochet Gift Certificate

Head over to my friend's blog, Country Musings, and vote in her sidebar poll! She is seeing if there is enough interest to do a giveaway gift certificate for her Civil War Reproduction Knitting and Crochet business. You will definately want to enter: Take a look at the gorgeous red wool shawl she made for me!


Fiddlin Girl said...

Thanks for spreading the word!! That is great that you have a picture.. I should put a picture up for others to see.... :)

Love ya, Sarah

-Bess- said...

I voted on the poll!
P.S.: Thanks for your comment! Purity & Romance month will involve various posts about purity & romance, & God's plan in all that. We'll talk in a real way about all things pure. Most posts will be about this in some fashion. I've also got some surprises in store (perhaps a giveaway=), & at the end I'd like to offer a purity pledge for those wanting to take it. Hope that answers your question & keep checking my blog for more, cause I don't have every surprise ironed out myself! =)

a la Modest said...

Ooh. Very pretty! I might go ahead and join her giveaway. I think Civil War fashion is attractive to many, especially now that a lot of women are getting into the vintage look nowadays. I definitely have high regard for that time's modesty in clothing.

Anonymous said...
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