Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Cloche

For a while I've been wanting a cloche. I have no idea if they are going in or out of style just now - but since they are vintage inspired anyhow, surely it doesn't matter too much. I usually only wear hats when working in the garden or at my summer job. (straw cowboy hat or my 1860s sunbonnet)

I've never worn a to go somewhere nice. It seems kinda scary - but I think I *might* be able to do it in a nice, quiet little cloche. What do you think? Does anyone wear 'nice' hats on a regular basis?
Also I wonder what sort of hairstyle I would need? A really low bun? Hmm.


A few pretties:


Amy said...

Oh I love cloches! They're so darn cute, and personally I think they're classy (and vintage) enough to stay in style.

Are you going to make one or buy one you think?


P.S. What wonderful summer job do you have where you get to wear an 1860s bonnet?? (Lucky.)

Atlanta said...

haha! Well - the sunbonnet is usually for gardening. ( I wish I could say I had a summer job at a living history museum...but alas)
My other job is on Dad's work crew. Sadly that's a little too windy for a bonnet. *grin*

I actually hadn't considered making one....I wonder if I could? Hmm....

Celine said...

I think you could wear a hat like that somewhere. If gals can wear their pjs in public, you can wear a pretty hat. :)

Celine said...

woops! Now that I think about it, my previous comment suggested that I condone that sort of fashion faux pas. Sorry! :)

Stephanie Ann said...

These are very pretty, I do like the side braid with it.

Virginia said...

I just discovered your blog by way of my Sassy Gal. Wow; I'm impressed with what you are doing! I wear hats all the time and cloches are some of my favorites, partly because I have a number of deaf friends and signing is much easier in a cloche (with a wide-brim I usually have to take it off to sign)
The first few times of wearing a hat out somewhere it can be a little intimidating but you quickly get used to it and folks around you get used to it pretty quickly too. Side braids work well, back braids work depending on the size of the hat. Buns can be challenging. I have been known to do the double loop pony tail (which I guess is considered to be a "low" bun) and that works pretty well too. Have fun playing around with it!
Thanks for your perspectives on modesty. As the mother of a son I have always appreciated young women who understand the importance of modesty (and the mothers who taught them to value that).
"Everybody's Aunt Virginia"

Atlanta said...

Virginia, Thank you so much for the note! (and the advice on hat-wearing!) It's very nice to know that my little blog is appreciated. :^)


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