Friday, May 28, 2010

Interesting article on Beauty

I found this article/blog post On Beauty linked on the Homeschool Alumni Forum. Quite interesting. What is your opinon after reading?


Anonymous said...

That article is soo true. I never really thought about how I never leave my room in the morning without my hair just right:).

Stephanie Ann said...

This post is true. When I am getting ready, my significant other will ask "Are you ready?" when to me it is obvious I still have at least 15 more minutes of "primping" to do before I can *think* of going out in public. The ones who love you really think you are beautiful, even if you didn't brush your hair yet.

Fiddlin Girl said...

Wow, thank you for sharing!!

That is a really good thought.. Becca and I have always said that when we meet the guy we are going to marry (though, of course, we won't know it at the time!) we don't want him to think we are physically beautiful. at least, we don't want that to be his only thought. We want him to just see us as another ordinary, pretty girl but as he gets to know us, that is when he finds our true beauty. That doesn't mean we have to look ugly, but I agree 100% with what he says.
The best part is that it was a GUY sharing that!! That makes is so much more encouraging because half the time when women share it, I tend to think "what do they know what a guy is thinking?" ya know?? Maybe I am the only one who thinks that, but hey.. oh well! lol
Thanks again for sharing!! I think I will link it to my blog... lol

Love ya! Sarah

PLEASE email me if you can!! Lol


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