Saturday, May 8, 2010

Humorous Medieval Video Shorts

I welcome you to watch  a couple of little few-minute 'movies' my siblings and I put together with some dear friends who were visiting this winter. We think them quite humorous. :^) In fact - we had a blast filming and acting.

--- Click HERE for the videos. ---

The first is a Lord of the Rings spoof of various scenes from the Fellowship of the Ring. (I apologize for the poor video quality on this one) To clear up any confusion, scenes are as follows:
1. The Hobbits encounter a Black Rider in the wood (with a twist)
2. Aragorn does battle with Uruk-Hai
3. Legolas and Gimli do battle with Uruk-Hai
4. Uruk Hai charging through the woods
5.Black Riders doing a River Dance (Irish line dancing) routine.
(gather your brothers to watch these - they will appreciate the battle scenes. :^)

The second is a "medieval adventure' story titled 'The Princess and the Vagabonds'.
A tale of a Princess and her attendants who get attacked by a band of ruthless vagabonds. Will the fearless Sir Cameron come to the rescue? You'll have to watch to find out...

Who do I play, you ask? Well, in LotR, I play the Nazgul in the first scene, and an orc in the Legolas and Gimli battle. I filmed parts of LotR, and Princess and the Vagabonds entirely.

This is one of the scenes we tried to recreate - except we needed a few more orcs. :^)

Let me know what you thought! (yes - they are supposed to be ridiculously silly)


Jane said...

I put up my new layout! Thanks again for the header and button.

Elinor Dashwood said...

LOVED 'EM! LOL! My sisters and I make movies too. Usually from Jane Austen scenes. :-)

I really liked the Princess and the Vagabonds. ;-)

Fiddlin Girl said...

I just laughed and laughed after watching the Princess and the Vagabonds again!! that is just so funny.... Course our LOTR was funny too!!! lol Dad still just loves the river dance...

Love you!

Stephanie Ann said...

They were really cute I think you guys did really well.


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