Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hopechest Finds 2- My #1 Most Invaluable Kitchen Gadget

 Yes - it's the spatula. But not just any spatula. Seriously. This is the handiest little thing in the entire kitchen. The beveleded sharp edge is great because there will be no breaking of delicate items (like cookies) - it slides right under them much easier than usual spatulas. It also chops/cuts to and extent - and I even use it for washing dishes (works great for scraping off burned eggs - and other pleasant things....)
I know it sounds stupid to get excited about a little kitchen tool - but I use 'my little spatula' every time I cook. Actually it's not mine - it's Mom's secondhand find. I don't actually have one in my hopechest yet. But I will - I spotted one in the Lehmans catalog.
Here is what the descriptions says: Mixes, serves, scrapes, turns, drains, removes and chops. The secret is the special angled, slotted and sharpened working end. Some of our employees can't make a meal without using it at least once - it even accompanies them to the table.

So - there you have it. My favorite kitchen item and part of future hopechest stash. Do you have a favorite??

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Cora Beth said...

I just found your blog today and am enjoying looking at and reading it!

As far as a favorite kitchen item goes, I think our Vita-Mix blender is my favorite, although if the electricity went out, a spatula would definitely be more useful than a powerful blender without any power!

Have a wonderful week,


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