Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From My Hopechest: Blue Rose Dishes

I'd like to share with you my main collection of dishes from my hope chest:

I've always loved blue and white dishes. They look so classic and elegant - yet retain enough rustic charm to keep from being too formal.

I orginally had my eye on a set of Wedgewood bone china dishes that I discovered in a magazine once:
The collection was 'Blue Plum' and they were simply gorgeous.
Then I looked them up online and found a not-so-gorgeous price. Ouch. Seriously. They were so expensive that I couldn't even afford ONE of the dinner plates.

Nevertheless I've been keeping a sharp eye out at antique stores to see if I could find something similar. Last fall my vigilance was rewarded. A 6 place setting of dishes for only $65! Each setting had a dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl, cup and saucer. In the most delightful blue rose pattern!

Each dish stamped 'EIT England'. Stands for English Ironstone Transferware. I don't think they are incredible old - but they are definately 'vintage' and seem to be of very good quality.

I didn't have enough cash to buy them at the antique store that day - but a month later on Christmas morning - there they were under the tree! My Mom had secretly gone back and purchased the dishes! I was super excited.

How do you like them? Do you have a set of dishes on your wish list - or do you already have one tucked away?


Sereina said...

Those dishes are so pretty!

Fiddlin Girl said...

I LOVE them!! I especially love it when I find somehing I like, but it is too expensive.. so I keep my eyes open and ta-da!! Hurray, glad you found some nice dishes!! So, when am I invited to dinner to eat off of them? lol! ;)

Love ya, Sarah

Allison Elizabeth said...

Those are so beautiful!

Allison Elizabeth ♥

Milli said...

They look like something the queen of england would use:D Beautiful!

Stephanie Ann said...

That was such a good find. I am just looking at mismatched thrift store finds. I figure I will probably break a bunch anyway. I like the mismatched look, and you get to chose a bunch of pretty patterns. I'm sure eventually I will need a nice set.

Brooke said...

Those are so beautiful!
I've always wanted blue and white dishes also. :) But I don't even have my hope chest yet. Hopefully Dad will get it made this fall for my birthday so I can start filling it. :)


Lady Helen Mar said...

Oh, those are lovely! I just recieved set of Louisville stoneware from my Nana. They have a Noah's ark design on them and for the most part are blue and white (but not dainty). I am quite excited, because she has had these for some time, and I can remember eating off them when I was little.
Through Christ,

Hana - Marmota said...

I love blue and white dishes, too! Especially this pattern: - of course, the genuine painted china dishes with this pattern are expensive, too... so I'm slowly getting cheaper dishes with this pattern or similar, and wishing to get a genuine set when/if I marry. :-)
I think both our grandmas have these cibulák dishes... that explains in part why I love them so much. It has such a homely feel, and at the same time a feel of something special - because, of course, we always eat from them on family meetings.
Yours was definitely a lucky find, and even luckier that your mom bought it for you. I hope you'll get to enjoy it for a long time, and one day your grandchildren will admire it. :-)

Anonymous said...

You've been lucky to find those lovely dishes. I bought a few sets of plates and bowl with the same pattern in 1991. And for a while I've been on the look-out for the cups and saucers, having been too short-sighted to buy them at the same time as the plates... definetly not easy 20 years afer the original buy... in Finland...!

Sandra said...

I received 2 cups and 2 saucers of this pattern from my grandmother! Sadly one fell from the table into little I'm trying to find more of them since it's my all time favourite pattern, love the blue and white english china! I live in Finland also! :)

Atlanta said...

Hello Sandra! How neat that you have the same dishes! I hope you can find more. I am finally getting to use these in our new house!


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