Saturday, June 26, 2010

We have our Winners!

The giveaway is officially closed. I've just been sorting through all the entries and typing them up separately so they each have their own number. The number came to 96 in all! Thank you to everyone who entered! This has been such fun! I look forward to doing this again with the Regency Dress Designer!!

Now without further ado, our two lucky winners chose by are....

Each will recieve her own copy of the Design-Your-Own 1860s Dress Kit!! Congradulations!!
(Winners, please comment with your email and/or mailing address. Comment will not be published.)

Again, thanks so much, girls!
For all of you who didn't win - don't forget the kit is always available at the official website or the Etsy shop!

I'll talk to you all again on Monday - with a very exciting event announcement, that I know you will all love!


Addie said...

Congratulations, girls! Thank you for hosting the giveaway, Atlanta!


Sereina said...

Congrats, girls!

The Younger Rachael said...
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The Younger Rachael said...

Woot! How fun! And I even won on my birthday!

Thanks for doing the giveaway, Atlanta, my friend, I'm sure, will fall over with joy.



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