Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Need Help with Reenactor Website

If you reenact, or are knowledgeable about the 1860s fashions - I need your help! I am putting together a website for reenactors that are just starting out which includes advice on getting started, what not to do, all relevant reliable authentic online links and shops, picture galleries, etc. (in other words - all the things you wish you had know when you first started reenacting!)

What I need from you:

-Research Articles (if you have written, or would consider writting an article to donate on anything pertaining to 1860s dress. Can be on a specific topic such as bonnets or knitting, or could be general. If you have posted something like this on another website or blog, I would love to link to it! All info must be period correct and well researched.)

-Reenactor Horror pictures (your first farby garments! Don't worry - I have contributed my fair share for the general good and learning of new reenactors. Faces can be cropped out if you wish :^)

-Authenic Recreations pictures - (Your correct historical garment pictures - to be put in an inspirational gallery for newbies!)

You will be given full credit/link for anything contributed. If you are interested, comment and let me know, and we can get in contact via email.
I'm hoping this will be an excellent online resource for 1860s costume fanatics as well as new reenactors.

Any ideas are vastly welcome! My part of the website is almost completed and ready to go up - I just need to know if you have anything to add!


Addie said...

Hi Atlanta,

I'm one of those silent readers, but I am willing to have a picture of my first (and only) farby 1860's outfit posted on your website. :-) You are welcome to contact me via my e-mail on my blog's "Contact Me" page if you would like it. Unfortunately, I am still in the process of correcting it so I don't have a photo for the inspirational gallery. :-D

I can't wait to see the website!


Anonymous said...

Count me in for whatever you need. Maybe less on the pictures; I simply don't *have* many, especially of obviously farby stuff, since it's mostly pre-digital. But I can probably write whatever you want/whatever someone else doesn't volunteer. I have more ideas, but I'll save that for an email - drop me a line. -Ginger

Rebecca Jane said...

Hey friendy! Love the picture, btw (one of my favorites!)... You can have any pictures of my stuff (since you helped make half of it) just let me know if you need any.

As far as info, you are my teacher, so idk if the student can tell you anythinng, haha. Good luck!!!!!! :)


American Duchess said...

Hiya. I just found your blog, and I think your idea is great! I'm new to reenactment - just went to my first Rendezvous last weekend in fact - but I've been costuming for years, and love Victorian as much as other time periods. My blog is: http://americanduchess.blogspot.com

I made a late 1840s/50s dress, a bit early for Civil War, but just edging on the history of the west. I've posted about it recently. I hope you like!

Stephanie Ann said...

I am so happy you are putting a website together.I am more than willing to write up something for you. It would be helpful to know what you specifically need for articles. I have a few on my blog, you can link:

Knitted Garters:

Knitted Socks:

An Excerpt from Harper's Weekly on beauty:

If you need other specific articles, I would be happy to write, just leave a comment on my blog. Thanks.

Brooke Whitaker said...

I could probably send you pictures of my clothes. I'm not sure if I have any good ones of my "bad" clothes. I'd have to look. We'll be going to an event this weekend so we can try to get some good pictures of all our clothes for you. :)

I don't think I'm the best writer/researcher so I'll probably have to pass on that. lol. :D:D

I can't wait to see how your website turns out. We've needed something like this for along time. :)

Anyway here's my e-mail address: whitsend[at]live[dot]com Fell free to write anytime. I love getting e-mails. :)

Brooke Whitaker (off the SA)

Rachel B. said...

I can help you out with your site. I've got some pictures of before and after finding the Sewing Academy :P I doubt I'll have time to write any articles at this time as I'm due to have a baby any day ;) though if I go longer than expected, it might take my mind off of waiting for "someone" to make their appearance! :)

Anonymous said...

I have a farby outfit for your collection! If you want it, send me an e-mail. leilapatroness@yahoo.com


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