Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tinkerbell's Wardrobe (A Fairy Fashion Shopping Guide)

This is my entry in the Make Believe Event at Wickfield!

Our story begins deep in the woods of Neverland - inside the hidden boudoir of a small fairy named Tinkerbell. 

She has a dilemma. The fairie's annual Mid-Summer Grand Ball is fast approaching. Tink takes one peek into her closet,  throws herself on the bed and moans out the inevitable despair of every girl since the beginning of time - that she has nothing to wear.

So - what to do but go shopping? Help Tink decide between her many favorites.....




To comment, pick one dress and two accessories that are your favorites.


Sereina said...

I absolutely love the Blue Net and Satin Dress. Too beautiful!

The White Blossom Hair Pins and the Real Preserved Rose Necklace are both gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

ZThe Leaf Green Tafetta and Tulle, The Hand Embroidered Earings, and the 18th c. Inspired Pumps... There you go Tink! That is waht I think you should wear to the ball!


Allison Elizabeth said...

There are so many beautiful things!

I love the White Blossom Hair Pins, the a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e lime green flats, and the leaf green taffeta and tulle dress.

Allison Elizabeth

(The sunny yellow slippers have a warm place in my heart as well. ♥)

Marian said...

Lime Green and Gold Shot Silk dress
18th century inspired pumps
Rose necklace

Great post--I love the jewelry and the colors of the dresses!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!
I like the Casual Elegant Aqua Blue dress, White blossom Hair Pins, and Robins Nest ring.

Katie said...

I love all of the dresses my favorite is the Casual Elegant Aqua Blue. I also love the Painted Pink Peep-Toe Heels and the Mermaid clutch.
Wonderful post!

Milli said...

I love the blossom hair pins thingys and the Casual Elegant Aqua Blue dress. So pretty!

a la Modest said...

I am smitten! These are all great picks! Very lovely :)

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

What a fun, lovely post!! Makes me want to go to a fairy ball :)

Ok, so if I were picking an outfit for myself I would totally get the Casual Elegant Aqua dress. That's my fave color and I love the detail. Accompanied by the amazing silk and rhinestone headband (eep, I want that!!) and the adorable robins nest ring. (to make the perfect outfit I need some pale pink heels...)

BUT! For Tink I would choose the Leaf Green Taffeta and Tulle with the 18th c. inspired pumps. And... the simple rose necklace.

Thanks for adding some girly fluff to my evening <3

Faith said...

I really like the Lime Green and Gold Shot Silk Ruffle Ensemble Dress. I also like the White Blossem Hairpens and The Lime Green Flats Alot.

Grace said...

LOVELY!!!! Tink definitely has a wonderful selection! I would have to chose...either the rosebud dress, Casual Eleganct Aqua Blue, or the Leaf Green Taffeta. I think I like the green the best (it just suits her).
For accessories, the white blossom Hair pins, 18th c. inspired pumps (would'nt that go lovely with the green dress?), Green, Velvet and Straw Garden hat (wouldn't that be lovely with the green taffeta dress as well:), the earrings, the mermaid clutch and either the silver leaves necklace or the real preserved rose necklace.
Well, hope you are having a lovely summer afternoon!
A sister in Christ,

Brooke said...

For a dress I adore the Leaf Green Taffeta and Tulle.

For accessories the Mermaid Clutch and the Painted Pink Peep-Toe Heels.

Great post! :)

Kathleen S. said...

I think she should wear pink. Everybody thinks she's going to wear green...shouldn't she shock them and come draped in a cloud of rosy billows? Therefore....the vintage pink ruffly gown, the 18th century heels, and the embriodered earrings....but to break the rules and choose three, she simply MUST wear the white flower hairpins.

To stay ahead of the crowd and stand out at a ball, 1. don't tell what you are going to wear, and 2. choose something very different from your everyday style!!!!

Zho Zho said...

the robyn's nest ring and the antique lace and pink tulle dress, nands down, classics, oh and those embroidered errings, divine any fairy queen would want a pair of those.

Anonymous said...

Casual Elegant Aqua Blue dress,White Blossom Hair Pins, and the Robin's Nest Ring. You can't go far wrong on those Tinker Bell! Absolutely gorgeous!!!


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