Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Latest Project: Regency Corset

Pictures to share of my latest sewing project!

This is the second regency corset I've sewn. The first one was for myself, several years ago. As I had remebered - the pattern went together extremely well. (it's the S&S short stays pattern) I enjoyed every bit of it! And I love to do cording! It always looks so cute and decorative!

Lining and interlining two layers of cotton drill - outside layer of white cotton broadcloth.
Steel boning at centerfront. Laced with flat cotton lacing.
Both from Corset Making.


marvelousme said...

I have awarded you the "one lovely blog" award!

Stop by my blog to get your award!


Fiddlin Girl said...

Very nice!! That looks really comfortable, actually.. hmm, I might have to look into buy one... lol!! Movie making is *such* a good excuse for getting costume stuff.. I was thinking we need to do a CW era one next.. lol!!!!!!

Love ya, Sarah

Little Treasures said...

I am new here and I am having lots of fun because you have the cutest blog!

I love your new addition (the corset)!

Allison Elizabeth said...

You are just so amazing! That looks lovely!

I didn't comment on this before, but I think your "Design Your Own 1860's Dress" kit is just fabulous! It so cute! I want one! :)

Allison Elizabeth♥


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