Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage Hairstyling Book

I stumbled upon this really cool-looking book the other day. Full color pictures and step-by-step instructions for tons of different retro hairstyles? I need this. It is definately on my wish list.

I have been trying to recreate some 40s and 50s styles lately - and only had one success so far. Some help and instructions would be so welcome!

What do you think? Does anyone have this book?


Addie said...

I don't have this book, unfortunately, but I have discovered the website that you may have already heard of? Rapunzel's Resource ( has some great instructions and ideas. She even takes requests!


Sereina said...

I don't have it, but it looks like a great book! It's going on my wish list too.

Casey has a few good video tutorials here: A friend did one of them for me, when I went to a 1940's swing dance. (Pics here:

The Falcon said...

I have this book and love it! The instructions are very easy to follow. I especially like that it doesn't just gives you the different hair styles but takes you through the tools and steps of different techniques.

Anonymous said...

Yes--I just purchased this book and I love it. Very good step by step breakdowns of how to achieve each look, some with modern alternatives but some still require vintage pincurls. I would recommend it to anyone trying a vintage look.


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